35 Schools, 7200 Children


Discovery is welcomed into 35 Primary Schools in Dacorum
and supports Andrew Masters and a team of volunteers taking
Assemblies, running Christian clubs and distributing Bibles.

Endorsed by Christian churches throughout Hemel Hempstead.


...leads lively and thought-provoking Assemblies, using visual aids, drama, puppetry and music. We started in 1987 and many teenagers still remember and refer to those Assemblies


...is vital in enabling the next generation to hear about Jesus.

A lasting impact

One young man, David, aged 23, said that 80-90% of what he knew of the faith before he became a Christian at University he had learned from Andrew Masters' Assemblies.

Bibles for Children

Discovery is able to give Children's Bibles to each Year 3 child and Good News Bibles to each Year 6 child in Hemel Hempstead. This is in partnership with the charity Bibles for Children, which provides the Bibles.

"Mr. Masters' assemblies are brilliantly simple, entertaining and spiritually challenging. His consistent leading of assembly over so many years is perhaps the greatest testimony of all to the unchanging message he so faithfully brings month after month. Long may it continue!"

from a School Head